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Toner Cream Lotion Cleanser Skin Care 6 Set

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  • Skin care set contains 6pcs of Cleansing Skin 100G, Lotion 100ML, Essence Cream 100ML, Face Cream 50G, Essence Serum 30ML & Eye Cream 20G. Increase moisture & smoothness of the Skin and Anti-Aging. Ingredient : Sodium hyaluronate + sodium acyl glutamate + fructose + retinol.  
Contains Nicotinamide extract, let skin to absorb moisture and nutrition,
conditioning skin, delicate skin tight, maintain
skin moisture balance, improve skin roughness caused by lack of moisture dryness,
improve skin hydration,restores skin elasticity, leaving skin rosy glow glossy,
supple meticulous charming glory
1: Use facial cleanser to clean your face and oil.
2: Repair the supple essence water to help correct the skin dryness and lack of water.
3: Repair the supple essence and intensively replenish skin moisture.
4: Repair eye cream to gently repair eye skin.
5: Repair the moisturizing essence and give it moisture and care.
6: Repair the moisturizing essence cream, refreshing and not sticky, gentle care.
1 x Cleanser: 100G
1 x Repairing lotion: 100ML
1 x Repairing Serum: 100ML
1 x Repairing essence cream: 50G
1 x Repair Serum: 30ML
1 x Repair eye cream: 20G

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